Foodtorial: Digestion

Your digestive system is SO complex. Elegant. Super cool. Choose your adjective. Even though it is those things, it can only perform to the level you fuel it. You see, food is fuel. Food-like products are not fuel. The journey from eating to health is complex on the body's part. I mean, thank goodness we don't have … Continue reading Foodtorial: Digestion

It all comes together and just works!!!

Reflecting on our Sunday check-ins. ONE week in (we'll except that rockstar at the top left, that's been a commitment to healthy habits) and people are feeling better and getting results!!! THAT'S why I love this program! I was telling my girl Ashley on our call this morning...the reason I love this program is we … Continue reading It all comes together and just works!!!

21 Day Fix tools

These are your container equivalents for measuring purposes/if you don't have them nearby. This is my basic shopping list. It makes shopping simple and makes most recipes!!       Blank grocery list for meal planning. Grocery list for when you're already at the store!   21 Day Fix Quick start guide. Link: Workout calendar: … Continue reading 21 Day Fix tools

Learning lessons with White Chicken Chili

I made white chicken chili today. I'm posting the recipe here as well as a few tips that go with the territory!! White chicken chili Ingredients: 3 cups cooked chicken Garlic (6 cloves worth) 3 cans northern beans 40 ounces of chicken broth 1 cup chopped onions 1/3 cup fresh jalapenos, chopped 2 tsp EVOO 2TBS … Continue reading Learning lessons with White Chicken Chili

The vicious diet cycle

Check out the diet cycle. You start a diet-whatever it is. You're so ready to just do this and you find yourself killing it those first two weeks!! But the real truth is that you've reduced your calories and you've added more need for nutrition (exercise). Eventually your body sends signals that's this ain't gonna … Continue reading The vicious diet cycle

21 Day Fix: Just the facts ma’am

What is the 21 Day Fix? It is a 21-day program of simple portion control and 30 minute workouts that anyone can do. The eating plan involves eating the right foods in the right amounts-protein, vegetables, fruits, carbs & healthy fats. Combining eating right with simple but EFFECTIVE workouts helps most people get REAL results while also … Continue reading 21 Day Fix: Just the facts ma’am

21 day fix spaghetti

This recipe is from the Fixate Cookbook. Grandma's Tomato Sauce Serves 12 (about 1/2 cup per serving) Per serving: Calories 123 * Fat 4g * Sodium 343mg * Carbs 13g * Protein 4g * Fiber 3g * Sugars 11g * Cholesterol 5mg Ingredients 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 medium onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, finely … Continue reading 21 day fix spaghetti