Fierce Faith Friday: Just do it

When you add the element of faith in to stepping outside of your comfort zone, it gets really interesting. While stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something that requires complete and utter faith is scary, it's also gold. That's because on the flip side, your faith grows. It's like this awesome cycle of...awesomeness. Hear. Do. Survive & thrive. Faith grown. Then, the next time you hear, you have a little bit more faith to take that leap. Before you know it you're doing incredible things for GOD! You've gotten kind of used to living in faith rather than living in fear. 

Fierce Faith Friday: How to Word

no one sat me down and showed me "how to word." I kind of learned little tidbits from here and from there. I'll tell you exactly how I do it though, because I know it's something others have a hard time with. Whether it's because of schedule, because of awkwardness or because of other reasons, getting in routine with God's word can be harder than it seems.