5 Elements of Harmony (for women married w/ kids)

Somewhere along the road, I apparently adopted the idea that being a married, adult woman with three kids meant I wasn't allowed to do things I like to do. I know that sounds crazy and younger me needed therapy. But I bent my will so hard for everyone else, I rarely did just what I wanted to do in my late 20s and earlier 30s.

35 Theme Menu ideas to make meal planning easier!

Theme menus!

Meal planning is the key to healthy eating and eating on a budget. It's also the key to de-stressing your life. You exchange time for peace. You invest time, say, on Sunday to plan what you're going to eat. That way on Thursday night you don't have to worry about what is for dinner as … Continue reading Theme menus!

Learning lessons with White Chicken Chili

I made white chicken chili today. I'm posting the recipe here as well as a few tips that go with the territory!! White chicken chili Ingredients: 3 cups cooked chicken Garlic (6 cloves worth) 3 cans northern beans 40 ounces of chicken broth 1 cup chopped onions 1/3 cup fresh jalapenos, chopped 2 tsp EVOO 2TBS … Continue reading Learning lessons with White Chicken Chili

Creating the margin

I meant to write this post like…SUNDAY. Today is Wednesday. But there was no margin! Huh? Margin, say what? Sunday's message at church was about creating a margin so that you can BREATHE and ENJOY life. So many of us are rushing around from this thing to that thing to the next thing that life … Continue reading Creating the margin

How to eat healthy and avoid making your family hate you at the same time

Making the whole gang breakfast, lunch and dinner can be a daunting task any way you slice it (I'm so funny). Adding in a lifestyle change to healthy eating can bring with it a learning curve. Just because you decide to go healthy and make awesome choices for you and your health does NOT always … Continue reading How to eat healthy and avoid making your family hate you at the same time