Food is medicine

The first step to getting our minds right about nutrition is to see food as fuel. It is what powers our daily activities and all of our body’s functions. Many of us have an unhealthy relationship with food. We may see it as a reward and we overindulge. Sometimes we see it as a means for punishing ourselves by withholding it. But you know what? Food is just fuel. It’s what your awesome, strong, capable body needs to do awesome things. When you feed it the right fuel, it gets stronger and more capable. When you feed it the wrong fuel it gets sluggish and less cooperative. It doesn’t function well. That’s because food is medicine.


Eating healthy is confusing. My mom mentioned recently that if she'd had known what we know now, she would have made different nutrition choices as I was growing up. I believe that's true (and not just because she's my mom)! I call it the Shake and Bake generation.   I think it was exciting that … Continue reading Foodtorial

Fighting Diabetes & Helping your thyroid

  Ugh!!! Yesterday I had two of my favorite people tell me they've received a diagnosis. Nothing unmanageable but it still makes me 😡. These two ladies happen to be members of my tribe because (but not limited to) they are both blonde, hilarious and super smart. AND they've been working at health and fitness so … Continue reading Fighting Diabetes & Helping your thyroid