Fierce Faith Friday: Praise Wagon

I love the Dixie Chicks. I know they’re controversial, but I fell for them well before all of that nonsense. They have this song called “Sin Wagon.” It inspires the name of this idea. The idea is simple: turn your car into a jukebox of positivity. Relegate all noise coming out of the car speakers … Continue reading Fierce Faith Friday: Praise Wagon

Lyrical Lessons: Crazy

Music is proof of the soul. I learned that in history of political philosophy class back in college. Kind of weird thing to learn there, sure. I mean, aren't there more serious points of logic to debate? Moving on. Music is something beyond basic human needs that every culture in history has created and enjoyed. … Continue reading Lyrical Lessons: Crazy

Running playlists

I've had so much fun running the Double Bridge Run the last few years I decided to sign up my husband and talk as many friends into it as I could. Now the "race" is four days away and I feel slightly bad as the forecast calls for Saturday, race day, to be the coldest of … Continue reading Running playlists