Back up plan

You need to have a back up plan! I live my life according to lessons learned on Friends. In Friends, Phoebe suggests to Rachel she should get a back up in case she isn't married by 40. So, naturally Rachel tried to ask her friends Ross and Joey to be her back up. She realizes then that Phoebe has cunningly committed BOTH men as a back up to the back up. And so it shall be for us.   Here are 4 back up plans in case dinner just escaped you...

Five Fast Foods for the 21 Day Fix

If you're in a hurry or feeling unmotivated, here are five "just assembly required" meals. Enjoy! Cucumber Tomato Salad: Add 1 green each of tomatoes and cucumbers and 1/2 green each of cilantro and diced onions with 2 tsp each of olive oil and white vinegar. Divide in half, store in fridge to marinate. 💚💚 Peanut … Continue reading Five Fast Foods for the 21 Day Fix