4 mindset switches to help you eat healthier

Instead, figure out what things you can do that ACTUALLY make you happy. That ACTUALLY bring you long-lasting, residual joy. Do those things instead. I've noticed many people feel their day is so out of their own control, the only time they can get some pleasure is their food choices. That's a really crappy way to live, and you all deserve better than that. Find more ways to infuse joy daily and you might find yourself turning to food/booze less.

Foodtorial: Digestion

Your digestive system is SO complex. Elegant. Super cool. Choose your adjective. Even though it is those things, it can only perform to the level you fuel it. You see, food is fuel. Food-like products are not fuel. The journey from eating to health is complex on the body's part. I mean, thank goodness we don't have … Continue reading Foodtorial: Digestion