How to not turn into the running-late-monster

There are two things that make me sooooo much less of a nice human. One is having to repeat myself. MUCH, much worse though is when I'm running late. It is not a pretty picture. It is behaviour unbecoming. I'm not proud of how it changes me as a mom, as a wife, even as a driver on the road. Knowing that it's like the Mr. Hyde juice to my Dr. Jekyll, the Hulk serum to my Bruce Banner, I've made some modifications in our lives so I can stay away from the dark side.

How to get more good stuff in your brain

Several years ago I started listening to things other than music when I was working out. Weird, I know. That year was tough, so I needed all the help I could get. My dear friend sent over a podcast and implored me to listen. I'm going to link it here because it will definitely help … Continue reading How to get more good stuff in your brain