Foodtorial: Digestion

Your digestive system is SO complex. Elegant. Super cool. Choose your adjective. Even though it is those things, it can only perform to the level you fuel it. You see, food is fuel. Food-like products are not fuel. The journey from eating to health is complex on the body's part. I mean, thank goodness we don't have … Continue reading Foodtorial: Digestion

Fighting Diabetes & Helping your thyroid

  Ugh!!! Yesterday I had two of my favorite people tell me they've received a diagnosis. Nothing unmanageable but it still makes me 😡. These two ladies happen to be members of my tribe because (but not limited to) they are both blonde, hilarious and super smart. AND they've been working at health and fitness so … Continue reading Fighting Diabetes & Helping your thyroid

It all comes together and just works!!!

Reflecting on our Sunday check-ins. ONE week in (we'll except that rockstar at the top left, that's been a commitment to healthy habits) and people are feeling better and getting results!!! THAT'S why I love this program! I was telling my girl Ashley on our call this morning...the reason I love this program is we … Continue reading It all comes together and just works!!!

Shakeology ingredients

I love me some Dr. Axe. If you read up on his backstory, how can you not? Anyway, I am a person who researches. I did LOTS of research on Shakeo before deciding to invest in it for more than a year!! It's good stuff. We can't get what we need without supplementation these days. … Continue reading Shakeology ingredients

Breakfast 21 Day Fix style!

21 Day Fix breakfast can be done lots of different ways! Miss Melanie here has fruit & whole grain cereal or waffles every morning. Sometimes she adds eggs and almond milk. That's a 💜fruit, 💛carb & ❤️protein to start her day! Ayla loves her 21 Day Fix style breakfast too! She INSISTS on her Shakeology … Continue reading Breakfast 21 Day Fix style!

Is Shakeology safe for kiddos?

I get the question often if Shakeology is safe for kids. Well, it's a bag of plants with no artificial flavors, additives, sweetners or colors (good form ADHD symptoms). There's also no soy, it's gluten free and non GMO. More importantly, It's actually super GOOD for them. It's like five plates of salad that actually tastes … Continue reading Is Shakeology safe for kiddos?

Why should you eat raw food?

  Been doing a lot of reading of Superlife! (Find it here) I find this stuff fascinating. One of the best reasons for eating raw/whole foods is the enzymes that they give us. Enzymes are SUPER important for all the things-they break down foods so we can actually absorb the nutrients. They also regulate the … Continue reading Why should you eat raw food?

The vicious diet cycle

Check out the diet cycle. You start a diet-whatever it is. You're so ready to just do this and you find yourself killing it those first two weeks!! But the real truth is that you've reduced your calories and you've added more need for nutrition (exercise). Eventually your body sends signals that's this ain't gonna … Continue reading The vicious diet cycle

Shakeology spotlight

Here's a look at a cool ingredient in Shakeology:    MORINGA Moringa has a lot of nicknames. It's been called the horseradish tree, the drumstick tree,  the elixir of life and the miracle tree. Sheesh. It's  is a tree native to the foothills in Himilayas (NW India) but it's grown all over the world in tropical climates. … Continue reading Shakeology spotlight