Shakeology ingredients

I love me some Dr. Axe. If you read up on his backstory, how can you not? Anyway, I am a person who researches. I did LOTS of research on Shakeo before deciding to invest in it for more than a year!! It's good stuff. We can't get what we need without supplementation these days. … Continue reading Shakeology ingredients

Shakeology spotlight

Here's a look at a cool ingredient in Shakeology:    MORINGA Moringa has a lot of nicknames. It's been called the horseradish tree, the drumstick tree,  the elixir of life and the miracle tree. Sheesh. It's  is a tree native to the foothills in Himilayas (NW India) but it's grown all over the world in tropical climates. … Continue reading Shakeology spotlight

Why I drink a protein shake on a rest day

I'm taking a much needed rest day today. 🙀But I'm still drinking my "protein shake." My muscles are still recovering from three work outs yesterday, so they need it! 💪🏻 But, I'm drinking it primarily because it is also my daily vitamin. Thanks to diet and exercise, I'm off of medication. Which is great because … Continue reading Why I drink a protein shake on a rest day