Lean into the hard

Let's flashback to November 2015. I was 8 months pregnant. I knew my husband was leaving for a year in two months. I'd accepted my fate, in my mind, with a sort of honorable stoicism. Imagine my surprise when I was in church for a sermon called "Surviving vs. Thriving." The remember the graphic from … Continue reading Lean into the hard

A fun little goal exercise

Today let's do a fun little goal exercise. I'm not sure about you, but my art skills are about on par with my first grader, so don't judge me. This exercise will take you about five minutes. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. 1a. First, I want you to draw you on the … Continue reading A fun little goal exercise

4 mindset switches to help you eat healthier

Instead, figure out what things you can do that ACTUALLY make you happy. That ACTUALLY bring you long-lasting, residual joy. Do those things instead. I've noticed many people feel their day is so out of their own control, the only time they can get some pleasure is their food choices. That's a really crappy way to live, and you all deserve better than that. Find more ways to infuse joy daily and you might find yourself turning to food/booze less.

Veggie monster

One simple trick to help you get your food/health/life under control is to become a veggie monster. Yes, go back to the good ol' days when mom forced you to eat your veggies. This time, though, feel free to pick veggies you actually like. Prepare veggies the way you like them. Then, fill your plate mostly … Continue reading Veggie monster

You’re not a dog

One of the most profound quotes I’ve ever read on Pinterest was: “Do not reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog.” For some reason, that very obvious statement completely turned a light bulb off in my head. I realized how often I turned to food as a reward. A reward for finishing a semester … Continue reading You’re not a dog

Every body has a challenge

Every body has a challenge is one of my favorite catch phrases. In 2012 I moved to the Sunshine State about 40 pounds (if I'm being generous) overweight and seriously pale and out of shape. Where I live now-5 miles to toes in sand-fitness and caring about your appearance is very IN. It certainly wasn't … Continue reading Every body has a challenge