Shana’s infectious enthusiasm has helped me draw a line in the sand and guided me toward becoming the best version of me. Every time I watch a video of hers I smile and get more excited about being healthy. She’s down to earth, fun, and a positive vibe we all need some of. -Christina

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Shana is friendly, smart, and is there to help you. She has a great point of view for sorting out finances. -Andrew

marciaBest trainer/coach I’ve ever had! Fun, tough, positive and organized. -Marcia

jessjIf you want someone who is optimistic, loves people, loves life, loves motivating and watching people succeed you should hook up with Shana so she can help you achieve your goals!! -Jessica

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To say that meeting Shana and working with her has changed my life seems a HUGE understatement to me. I have been working with her less than a year and I have taken several courses with her, worked with her as a personal trainer, and been fortunate enough to share my fitness journey with her. Since the day we met, she has held me accountable in a friendly way. She never pressures me, only reminds me of the goals and priorities I have shared with her! In the short time we have worked together, I have seen drastic changes in my life because I have applied the knowledge and tips she’s provided to me. Shana makes light bulbs go off in my brain! She helps me realize what I am already doing right and where I need to adjust.

Shana asked specific questions to determine exactly what pain points I was having. She addressed my concerns and provided valuable insight into changes I could make starting literally RIGHT THEN. She followed up very quickly thereafter with an action plan specific to what we discussed. It was complete with additional information, ways to hold myself accountable, additional information about things we discussed, and journaling prompts to get my juices flowing! Knowing that I had committed to responding to the action plan was an additional layer of accountability which was very welcome, and I really enjoyed my “homework.”

Shana is real about what will ACTUALLY work. She doesn’t let you set goals which are unattainable. She knows what will yield results because she has done the work herself, so she’s speaking from a place of knowledge and experience. And, she has already done the research to find the actions/plans/strategies that a proven to work, so you get to reap the benefits! –Lauren

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Training with Shana was both fun and challenging. I told her what my goals were and she helped me get there. I’m so thankful for her, she boosted my self-confidence. -Lizzy


Eating healthy and living healthy is a lifestyle. So watching someone that genuinely enjoys doing it and equally enjoys teaching others is incredibly motivating and uplifting. Shana is your girl if you’re looking for positivity, accountability, dedication and a good butt kicking. -Lindsey

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I have been working out with Shana since February and she is fantastic! Her enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge of fitness is amazing! She makes working out fun, but challenging. Shana has also helped me with my clean eating. Providing me with support, healthy recipes and accountability! Thank you Shana! I appreciate you! -Michelle


She is very motivating and really gets to know you and what you need to succeed.